Thursday, June 6, 2013

Walk Away

Do not communicate with your son when your Angry!!!!!
Walk Away...Take a walk...Go some place remote and scream...Go for a drive...But..Walk Away!!  Trying to communicate when your angry may make you feel good at the time..But like the Drug of choice..There are consequences to your Actions...For both you & your Child...Just walk..Cool off...Get a grip..Think through it more clearly..Then continue..

Yesterday Was A Test..Another Test..But an important one..For both of us..

My son left Detox...Not Discharged...Well he was sleeping all time anyway...He was being discharged Tomorrow anyway...They had no problem with it...They had no problem with me not attending the group sessions because I was sick & sleeping..But I did go to 1!!
Well I dismissed each one of these Lies..Illusions..Quickly !! And with each One he threw at Me I got Angrier & Angrier...And I exploded..Maybe a little louder & more animated then I should have...But I Did not React..Nor try to reason..Beg..Cry..But I was Angry & Sad...Nooo You are NOT staying here...I am sorry you have no place to stay...We were going work on a plan when you got your discharge day..We were going to Set out Rules & Guidelines IF that was what we were willing to do...Ummmm We never got there..sorry..The first criteria was you were to finish Detox!!
Sorry...Out you Go!!

This may seem harsh to many, But I am not going to reward this kind of behavior anymore. When you start a program..Finish.. At least give it a try!!!Take this seriously..prove to me you really do want the help & Support...We Are here !! But we have to at least get past the first step in your recovery!! You know our number..Give us call then..and only then!!
We did have a plan..we did have our rules ready..I did speak to his Dr. that day to see what we could to help without see what he could do to help him...IF he was discharged..We had his support system in place & ready to Fly...*&^% we never even got off the ground!!!!

What Happened ???
# 1 - He was not ready!
He was ready to get detoxed..that was A no brainer..he was going to die if he didn't..A Success of sorts that he realized that much!!
# 2- Location Location Location
This is a continuous intake center..small city..most, if not all know each other..Someone entered and shared with him stuff that was going on the outside that concerned him..."Trigger"..Only thought from then on
was I have to get out and handle this...No,Thought should have been..I need to handle me..That will be there when I get out!!
 So we will take the one success of actually getting to Detox..
We told him So..And That we loved Him..Get yourself a plan..short term..reach out to those who can help you achieve recovery!! Call Us let us know how recovery is you are helping yourself...We will support you any we can...



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