Friday, June 21, 2013

Man's Best Friend

In this case, Woman's best friend. My big old dog is dying...He will be 13 next month and is full of cancer.He is not in pain...still eats like a horse...torments the cats..And listens to my secrets.
He is my protector...Always puts himself between my son & I when he comes by for a visit...whether he senses my tenseness when he comes to visit or gets a scent of something..No matter where he is when my son comes calling..My dog does also.I know this will be his last summer at the cottage..He has had a great life..I spoiled him rotten...He walked me almost everyday for these 13 years ( he weighs 82 lbs).He listened to my secrets..licked away my tears...snuggled in close when I didn't even know I needed it...And yes..sleeps with us...No crates for this boy!! He was a junk Yard dog when we got him..His Mamma was a guard Dog at a Junk Yard.He was the runt..I am always cheering on the underdog..trying to save them...Well he was my pick...he near died the first weekend we got him..and being a Holiday I could not get him to Vet...I put all my nursing skills to use and managed to keep him alive till we got to the VET...From that day on he never left my side. He was & Is a one woman Dog...My Dog..It makes me sad to think I will soon lose my best friend...Seems like a common theme these days..Losses...

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