Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Throw Mamma from the Train!

 This was the title of a popular movie in the 80's starring Danny Devito & Billy Crystal..A Comedy.
 Well This Mamma wants off the Train..Throw me..Push Me...Just get me off this Addiction Train !!
What started Off as a quiet Day..Turned into a Train Wreck in a matter of Minutes!!
A Short visit from my son can cause that ! Started off well..Happy Birthday Mamma !! Wow Thanks..I appreciated the thought & visit..Went off track from that moment on ! Could you lend me 40.00 ? Should have ushered him out the door then but, noooooo, I had ask what he needed it for? Gas for his car & he has an infection..Doctor gave him a script for antibiotics..If I hadn't heard this same story Numerous times before I might have been sucked in...Tell you What..Give me the script and I will go and get it filled for you ! No Problem..So off he went to his Car ( OMG he is really sick!!)...Came back empty handed...I must have left it at the apartment..Unh Hunh..Well you go and get it..bring it back..I'll go and get it filled!!
All done with a smile I might add..While my insides were bursting with sadness & rage!! Times up..we are at the train station..Time to disembark...After a few chosen curse words from him..How "I" was the worst Mamma ever born.."I" did not want to help him...Off he went. He never did return with the script..He also floored it up the street with his car..lots of gas for that!! Happy Birthday Mamma !
 This time last year I would have given in...And off he would have gone to purchase drugs..Not today Babee !! Lies & manipulation do not work anymore.The sooner he gets that, the sooner he perhaps will reach out for real help...I can always hope this time next year he will actually be celebrating my Birthday with us..There is always hope!
 I kinda felt like the part in the story, I used to read to my boys when they were small.." The little Engine that Could"
I think I can..I think I can..



  1. We do the same thing. We ask for the prescription and we take it to get it filled. We never give them money.

    1. Thanks for your comment..It certainly helps to hear from other parents going through the same battles !