Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Truth Seekers

  June has always been one of my favorite months... We survived another Cold winter. Everything is New....The Warmth of the sun..Fresh air from the opening of all windows..Aroma of our Linens off the line outside...Sounds of newly born birds..Waiting for their Mamma's to return to the nest with nourishment..Flowers bursting with color...This year I am eternally thankful for June because on this first Day of this Month, My Son entered Detox for the first time !!! It is the first time since his Addiction took over he actually reached out for this kind of help..Positive thoughts..Prayers..All Greatly Appreciated!!

   I have been preparing for this day for many years now...In my quest to seek out the Truths.. The answers of the In's & Outs of treatment..The Why's & What-Ifs...Resources..Lack of resources..When My son reached out for help I would be able to gently steer him in the right direction.

  It was an eye-opener to say the least !! I realize alot of work has to be done by him...And even more important it has to come within himself. But I firmly believe for most, the start of the recovery process is in the hands of the professionals..Which in our Area is severely lacking ! No I Mean SEVERELY Lacking !!

  One of the reasons I believe is because for years we hid behind our children And just hoping by the grace of god this too shall pass..It doesn't..It won't..It Can't ! Shame..Guilt...What will our think ??? All Our own Insecurity's as Parents. How can we, as parents, expect help to be available when we stay silent..Hide our Big secret...No one understands the pitfalls..The dangers..Like we do..And I do mean No One!! 

 I am sure there were many others thinking the same thing...But who was going to start sounding the alarm Bells..Who was going to be the first..The second..I talked a good talk..I am an early riser..up with the roosters..By the time my hubby gets up ,I have been up for hours..And by the time he reaches the kitchen table coffee & paper in hand, I am in need of a human voice to talk audience, to listen to all what I was doing when he was still deep in sleep..plans for the day..hopes for the future..Those few hours before the house awakens, is my time. Wellll... He wants peace & quiet.. He is not a morning person..As his Mother used to say about him when talking about her children " He was the Quiet One ".

  He is an Educator..I am a CareGiver..He is black & white..I am Gray...He is a pessimist..I am an optimist..He has Brains Galore..I have common sense...And never the two shall meet...How was I going to reach him.. that we needed help...He knew Our son needed help..But he believed this problem should not happen in Our Family..Well Babe..It did..And it is here to stay..Deal with it..Help bring it out in the open..Educate!! How was I going to get him there..Just keep talking..Keep educating him..keep interrupting his morning solitude..Keep pointing out the rises in crime by our children in the paper,he reads each morning...The Deaths caused by this hideous disease, in family's we knew!! The seizures of drugs off the streets...Off our children!!

   Osmosis...If I just keep yaking..he was getting the info..And He Did..But It wasn't until he read an article by a parent whose children he taught that he started to talk about it..Seen the courage it took her to bring it out in the open..Seek Changes..Save her son.. Not her Family's repution.She was saying everything I had said over the years..But he needed to see it in..Yep..Black & white..All in one place...Well, He read it..And I ran with it..I reached out to this woman...She was miles ahead of me in research...Even tho our son was Years ahead of hers in The Addiction Cycle...I never looked back..And I won't..I will use all her knowledge..I will pick her brain..I will reach out...And most importantly..I will stand Beside her in the "open" To Help our Children get the help they need..Our paths were meant to cross..Her blog is full of valuable information
..For Parents..For The public..For the lawmakers..Most importantly..For those living with addiction themselves. Her Blog is on my Blogroll..And on my computer..and in my click of the mouse and what I am looking for is there..Thank-you..Thank-you..thank-you..Rose..xoxox

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  1. You are welcome, my friend. No one has to go through this difficult journey alone. You are also helping people with your blog. Together, we are stronger. The army of parents speaking out and demanding more for our sick children is growing. Stay strong. Rose xoxo