Saturday, March 14, 2015

Just Say No ?

As I scanned the pages of our morning paper waaay down in left hand corner,of an inside page was a small IMPORTANT blurb.

Prescription Pills drug of choice.
A major concern to us the RCMP.

" What concerns us the most about pills, is how quickly young people are getting addicted to them and the desperation they get ,once they are addicted,to acquire more pills and the type of offences they are prepared to do in the short term to feed their habit."

Addiction is a Disease/Disorder of the brain.We can't pray,wish,jail, or ignore it away.If those things worked we wouldn't be in the epidemic we are today !!

It needs to be treated..We need resources..many many resources..what works for one does not work for someone else.

We know, " Just say NO" is not working.

We know, that in a very very short time..popping pills..leads to snorting..which leads to Injecting..which leads to death.

We know throwing them in jail is not working.In A small population like ours they all know one another.They are bunking with their dealer.They are learning new ways to beat the system.Make new contacts.There is no treatment in jail.Incarceration is not treatment and yet we expect them to emerge from jail, full of piss and vinegar to embrace this new life of being drug free.With no treatment to help them develop strategy's to pull this off.Sending them to treatment would be a much a better plan..We tell them if nothing changes..nothing changes..But yet..the Judicial system does the exact same thing..If nothing changes..nothing changes..Offer them treatment for god's sake!!

We can't educate them with scare tactics and telling them just say NO.I think we have all used those tactics with cookies..Cookies are bad for you...they'll ruin your supper..NO you can't have a cookie.They know cookies taste good..If it tastes good,how can it be bad ? As they sneak that cookie when our backs are turned.That's the same adolescent ( not mature) brain we are dealing with in educating them in the schools.It doesn't,(and the proof is in the streets,the jails,and the graveyard) work.How we educate them needs to change.Let's try letting those in recovery,those who just a few years ago where sitting at those desks,do the education.Instead of a parent..a person in authority.. We know at those ages they are more influenced by their peers then the are by those in authority. Lets let the experienced , The peers,paint the picture for them.

Let's be more educated ourselves..Like we are about others diseases our children develop.
Let's be less judgemental and more compassionate.
Let's be more empathic and less critical.
Let's work our own recovery and support ,encourage them to work theirs.
Let's do this together ,
Let's be heroes instead of victims...xo