Saturday, June 15, 2013

Province Wide Hearings planned on Addiction

 I would love to jump up and down and get quite excited about this announcement Province wide hearings planned in Sept/Oct However, it just means a longer wait to get a Drug treatment Plan!! Again!
Does it show progress on our war with government to get adequate,seamless treatment for our Children ?
Yes... No.. We have heard this before..When It was announced on June 5 ,there would be a delay in releasing a report for a Drug Strategy Plan...I think most of us were actually Hoping..Praying..It would be an announcement of substance...Not More studies,hearings, Call it what you like.. it is simply another delay tactic of government to ignore our pleas for help and Ignore the the reports of  the Experts & Medical Professionals in the Field of Drug Addiction!
 In the last 3 weeks alone,there has been discussions..stats..pleads..Newspaper articles..Indicating the epidemic we are in here on " The Gentle Island"..What a Oxymoron that Adjective is!!!
The Judicial System speaks out daily in our Newspapers...Sadly in form of sentencing our children for crimes all drug related. Just in the last month I have watched their Statements in sentencing change drastically..
Get help for any underlying addiction issues
Seek help,from what is available for your addiction issues.
I wish I could sentence you to a curative sentence..but I can't.
The Medical Profession issues warnings:

Rates of Hepatitis C double in P.E.I.

Deputy chief health officer Dr. Lamont Sweet says hepatitis C numbers are rising in Prince Edward Island.
Published on June 12, 2013

Addiction Specialists Speak Out:

Addictions East manager Darren O'Handley-  All 160 spots in the provincial methadone treatment program are full. There are 140 people on the waiting list, and there's no queue jumping.

A P.E.I. doctor who treats people with addictions is urging government to pay for an alternative to methadone.
Dr. Don Ling told CBC News Suboxone can be a more effective treatment, particularly when used by young adults. 

Youth Addictions Program - The Strength Program

More than half the young people who've participated in the PEI government's youth addictions program called the "Strength program" have relapsed. Health Minister Doug Currie said PEI needs a to deal with the growing problem of opioid addiction.

 Families: break the Silence Barrier to get help for their Children.
Living in The Shadows on Prince Edward Island 

Police Services: Attempt to Help.
 A police officer patrolling a Charlottetown high school will roam the halls a little longer thanks to fundraising efforts at the school.

 I could go on & on But hopefully you get the picture..We are in a epidemic!! Our Children are dying..waiting for a treatment program!! Make no mistake about..they ARE dying!! And how many more will die waiting for more hearings...How much more info do you need!! How many more studies..How many more hearings..
How many more lives ruined...We will happily meet with you..Share with you our experience with this Nightmare of Addiction..The roadblocks..pitfalls..losses..frustration..sorrow..In seeking help for our son..Addiction is not "one size fits all "..But the one thing that is common among All Addicts is When they reach for help..It has to be readily Available..Not be put on a 3 month waiting list..those 3 months can mean death!!


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