Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Our son is back actively using again after only 8 days clean...The trigger..A court appearance..that did not go well..despite the fact he thought he could convince the Judge the charges were bogus..Oh what a state of mind our children have, when drugs mess with it... Judge gave him 10 days to get a lawyer( he had legal aide but he wants a "real" lawyer)...10 days to use and spiral back down..My hope was the judge would cite him for contempt for speaking out and keep him till his sentencing..did not happen.

How to keep him alive ,till then, is the question!!!!
I don't have the answer!!
2 month wait for another crack at detox...ridiculous.
No laws here that allow us to have him commited for his own safety..section 35 lacking!!
There is a stay away order in place..which both party's breached when he was clean...Pray & hope it is used now that, he is active again, if contact is made!!
Hope who he is staying with has enough brain cells to call the police..ambulance etc..if the need arises!!
He refuses to call us..after countless messages one will answer the door, even tho I know they are in there!! I even parked around the corner, out of sight, hoping he would try and sneak out after I left..corner him then..2 hours later..nothing.
After much discussion..tears..The only option to us is have him arrested ourselves..for what... we haven't figured out yet..BUT we had better do it soon..I have seen this quick spiral before..2 weeks ago!!
Not a pretty sight & I thought he was going to die that time!!
Do I see what I have written ??
The goal is to keep him alive till he enters the Justice system...Not what we had envisioned for our son when we spoke to him many years ago about setting goals. matter how wacky..welcomed!!

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