Saturday, March 8, 2014

The CardBoard Sign

Last night Hubby & I attended a benefit for a friend of the family.It was a great success.More people than they expected , thus a very crowded event. The family is well known & Hockey was theme of the night, as the son of the gentleman, who the benefit was for, had played in NHL & continues on the coaching side of hockey today.A collectors dream,as jersey's,sticks,pictures,etc. all signed, went up for auction.Even if my favorite players' jersey( Martin St.Louis) was up, I could not afford to bid with big guys.

About halfway through the night we needed some fresh Air...throngs of room to move or we stepped out into the freezing cold.

There,sitting on the step was a young man,early 20's,with a sign & tin can soliciting for money for food & a room.I know I know..You see them everywhere..But I think as parents,families of those fighting addiction we look a little longer..a little closer.He was sooo skinny..quiet..just sitting..holding his cardboard sign.He wasn't high ( we learn early to recognize those signs)..He was sitting to quietly to be in withdrawals..So chances were he was exactly as his piece of cardboard stated..Hungry & Homeless..Did drugs get him there..possibly..never the less..Here he thousands of dollars were being spent on NHL Jersey's. Yes I am a heart on sleeve kinda girl..and I need to work on that balance in my life..there is life out there beyond addiction..and I am working on it VERY hard!! But you can't take the heart out of the girl.That could easily be my son sitting there..My Hubby knows me well..As we walked back in, he handed him a 20.00 dollar bill..The Young man couldn't have been more gracious..we watched him head next door to the Pizza place..for now he will at least have a full belly..My hubby looked at me and said...well there was no Martin St Louis Jersey anyway..Gotta love a man who knows how to bring a smile to your face..xoxoxo

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