Friday, June 7, 2013

Section 35

I have come across this Law many times..on many blogs..and have pondered the what if's...It is not available to us in Canada...And not all states in the U.S. have it. It is however another option available to some. This is the Link to the Article which explains it Section 35 .

The Irony in this is we are so lacking, as A province, in All areas of Addiction that ARE available in other Provinces, I am reading about a law that is virtually unheard of in Canada!!

As Parents... we reach for anything to help our Children..and give us hope. Addiction is a Disease..If we Accept that..and it has been proven...Then why are we denied the best possible treatment ? From what I have learned it is unlike any other Disease in treatibility...Example, if you were told you had Cancer...You automatically seek out and receive the best possible Treatment for your type of Cancer..If the specialist for your type is out of province...Our health care system pays for this...If his recommendation of treatment is not Available to us in our home province...The health care system pays for you to receive it where it is Available...But not for the Disease of Addiction..Which is now at epidemic rates in our Province..The "Gentle Island".."The Cradle of the Waves"..The Home of our beloved Fictional Character " Anne "..All nice Adjectives to describe Our Home But It is also becoming known as one of the highest rates of Addiction Disease in Canada Per Capita.

I know..we know..there is no quick fix..we can't make them seek treatment...But I do know when they do have an epithany that they want help...Either it is not there..Or..They have to sit on the waiting list...sometimes for receive it...It is Just wrong !! Maybe we cannot or never will have a section 35 option, But we can & should have a treatment that is the Full Deal . One that transitions from one stage to another without being back on the streets, to the triggers and expected to stay clean for months, while waiting..waiting..waiting for their treatment to continue.

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