Saturday, July 20, 2013

What to Do ?

If 40 degrees isn't hard enough to breathe in...My day has just gotten worse.Looks like I am not going to be a bystander next week...I am being called to testify..I am sick over this...On my Hubby and I's 33 yr anniversary...Yep Happy Day...All because after the incident that night she came to our house hysterical and told me what happened..which is different from the statement she gave half an hour before. I am not going to lie..But I do not wish to participate...This all happened because of his drug use !!! I am so torn..Why did they get me involved..why do they need me?? Who really knows what is true or not...Only them...What do I do???????
Because he is now clean,
They both want to get back together again after this...I just want a normal life..A peaceful..calm..drama free...Life. I want to Celebrate our anniversary..How many couples reach this milestone today..I do not want to sit in court..possibly watch my son being shackled and led off to Jail...Not what I had envisioned 33 years ago....