Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Family Doctor

 We are very fortunate to have a wonderful Family Doctor. He has been so, for many years.In fact I was his first patient when he first hung up his shingle. He knows me well !! In fact that very first Appt. was about my son and maybe he had ADHD..My son was 4.

  As the proud owner of a few wacky & weird Autoimmune Diseases, He got to the bottom of them..And if he did not know, he was not ashamed to admit and refer me on to someone who did. He does not have TheWhite Coat Syndrome.

  He has been an integral part of our Family's well Being. He knows when I call It is important, I do not abuse his time and he always squeezes me in to his busy schedule.When we became aware of how bad my son's addiction had become, I reached out to him. As Luck would have it, he was one a few Doctors that offered the Methadone Program. He immediately got him started. It wasn't until a little later in this journey, I realized just how selfless this act was. As he told me, he had no Idea what he getting into. He just knew they needed help and he was able to offer what he could do to help Our children. If you can't imagine the challenges of dealing with one child with addiction issues..There is no way you can imagine what he goes thro on a daily basis dealing with 50 !!! He is on my Hero List..

  Last year as my Dad was dying and I was trying to Juggle handling my emotional and physical health along with my Dad and my son's Addiction.. I went to him for help. I just need a little something to take the edge off..I do not want to be numbed or foggy. His answer was You are one of the strongest Women I know,You are my Poster Girl for Weird & Wacky Diseases And You will get through this....without any medication. I left there mad a wee bit..Then I realized in a clearer moment, I was strong..I would get through this, Maybe a little more battered & bruised...I just had to stay strong and head for the shore when I felt not so strong.The point being he could have very easily flipped out his pad and wrote me script for something mild..He did not..So make sure you have a good Family Doctor to help both you & your child through this..He/She can be a very important part of your team!!!
Thank-You, Dr.C
A Quote from another one of my Fav Dr.'s


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