Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Take Two

After a productive morning of ripping out weeds from my gardens..More aggressively then needed I might add..Followed by a long walk in the sun..I was settling down with a good book,when the front door opened and in walked my son.
Happy Birthday Mamma!
Here he was,gift bag in hand..with 2 candles inside...
Like yesterday never happened!!
This is nothing new however...Since he was able to talk..his motto has always been..what is done is done..No sense in holding grudges..Not sure if this is because of the ADHD, and so many Ideas..plans.. thoughts..have just spun so quickly through his mind, It seems like the upset has happened months ago !! It also Prevents him from taking any responsibility for his actions. I let yesterday go..It was just not a battle I was willing to rehash today.
 I thanked him...
Waiting for the next thought to drop out of his brain, I wasn't prepared for what I heard next. "I do know I have drug addiction problems"..and yes "I am addicted to opiates"..and yes "I need help".
 Took me a few minutes to respond..I couldn't believe what I was hearing..I wasn't prepared for this ( considering I had never heard those words from him before)!! My response kinda went like this..I think..I am still in shock!! I am very happy to hear this..So what is your plan?
Well I have reapplied to enter Detox
I have some legal issues to clear up( some biggies)
I am going to the Dr tomorrow to Actually get a script for a infection, and, also to ask if I can get back on into Methadone program.
It is a great Plan !! Do not get to far ahead of yourself..Take it one Issue at time or you will get overwhelmed.
Off he went..
Needless to say all these things were music to my ears..I will however, not let my guard down, But remain cautiously optomistic.
You just never know what tomorrow will bring..One Day at a time!!
It was a good day!!! 



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