Friday, August 29, 2014

International Overdose Awareness Day

This Sunday there will be many people & Organisations,  raising awareness to this increasing problem of Drug Overdoses.

Some are releasing balloons to remember loved ones they have lost. Others are having Candle Light vigils.Rally's are being held worldwide.

Because Canada does not track the stats on drug overdoses it is hard to pinpoint the exact number..The numbers according to each province across Canada indicated an astounding increase,Since 2009 of 49 percent!!

Canada is currently looking at the drug Naloxone to be more accessible  to save lives!!

Overdose is every parent's nightmare ,that has a child living with the Disease of Drug Addiction.

 In Ottawa,our Country's Capital, a rally was held today.It's message was very powerful and shows that the paths of treating Our children..In all aspects.. needs changing ! It was Shared on the CBC and hopefully people will  see what compassion..empathy..can accomplish instead of stigma and judgement!!

I am passing along the Article in hopes one.. 1..person will read it..Think next time they are about to judge our children..maybe..just maybe..have Compassion..Stand with us..Not against us!!


Drug overdose deaths can be curbed with compassion, ralliers say

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mamma's Rehab

* Warning*  Mamma on A Rant !!

This has been coming for awhile..I guess all the press about Robin William's..and a heart to heart with my son and a few of his friends in recovery brought it too a head..Notice I didn't say his Clean friends..I hate the word CLEAN ..We have to open our eyes people..We have an epidemic in our Province..Our Country..In North America..Yes we can blame some of it on Big Pharma..But we can also blame it on our reluctance to Change the way Drug Addiction is treated..It's not working..end of story.

We have to be to change..We can't simply say.."They didn't want recovery bad enough"..Give me a break..I have heard from many actively using.. many in recovery..that say "Their not ready"..But I have yet to hear from any say.."Guess I didn't want it bad enough."

I am no expert..far from it..But I am a Mamma of a son who lives with the disease of Addiction..I have done a ton of research...yea yea..get a life..I have a life..and I gave life 2 wonderful son's..They were planned..I was ready..We made that decision..Being a parent is a life long commitment..I am not about to throw my son to wolves, because he is sick with a disease that is treatable ..I'm just not. It is a Disease of the brain..A horrendous disease..and everyone is an expert..everyone has an opinion..everyone has an answer..a cure..a treatment..The problem is..everyone's road to recovery is different..and we have to accept that !!!

There is so much Judgement in the addiction community it is literally killing our kids..instead of helping them..
When you are on medication for addiction..the 12 steppers think..and tell you..your weak..your not clean.. You don't want it bad enough...your NOT welcome at our meetings..That my BULLYING!!!

The holistic just need to cleanse your body..walk on hot coals..find your aura..take multi viatmins..but not no..Your Body and Mind can heal themselves..just relax..get refreshed..reaffirm your sobriety..and Chant..

So how's it working for ya..It's not!!!

Dr. Drew had to cancel "Celebrity Rehab" due to the inconveniently frequent suicides !!

The statistics on Successes of these programs alone..are ...low...

I love the 12 step program..yes I do..I love the 12 steps they have to go through..reflection on their addiction..Minus a few.."that they are defective"..No they are sick..they have A Disease..they are not defective!!

I love the holistic approach..I love relaxation..eating healthy..exercise..spiritual awakening's..BUT..If I need Medication..For depression..for addiction..for diabetes..for Cancer..I'm bloodly well gonna take it!!!

SOoooooooooooo..Why can't we just have a rehab that offers everything..there's a novel Idea..lets Just treat The F* ing Disease with everything we got!! All in one place..All supporting each other..Offer 12 step..offer Holistic..Offer prescribed medication..Offer psychotherapy..Offer empathic Staff..Offer whatever and everything it takes to help our judgement..No Bullying..Just recovery from Addiction..Mental Illness. We have been going backwards..instead we need to move forward by opening our minds..Our Hearts..To NEW ways of treating Addiction..what have we got to lose ??? Our Kids ???

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

O Captain! My Captain!

The first time I saw Robin Williams in a serious Movie was the,      " Dead Poets Society", where he read Walt Whitman's Poem ..It is fitting today... as Walt wrote this poem as a farewell to Abraham Lincoln..a Poem of farewell..of mourning..

I grew up watching Robin..first in Mork and Mindy..and I was hooked..he made me laugh so hard..and yet..there always something dark..sorrowful..haunting about him..It wasn't until much later..when he became a big star and I watched an Interview he did with Larry King.

In this interview he talked about his demons..his depression..his addictions to drugs..that I understood what I saw.he talked openly and honestly..sharing his story with the world.

He will soo many people..I will miss his humor..the from the bottom of toes to the top of head laughs that he brought out in me..his serious side..I will miss him..

I only all the Mamma's out there..that his death will bring more awareness to our children's battles with their own demons...the need for more help..treatment..understanding..destigmazing these diseases of Depression and Addiction..wake up people..O Captain! My Captain! rise up and hear the bells

Rest in peace Robin Williams..Your fearful trip is done..xo