Saturday, June 8, 2013


After a brief visit yesterday from my son...He is still clean..How do I know ?
Sweating profusely
Bone pain
leg cramps
Yes, he also told me is clean..But to use Judge Judy's analogy of how to know when your teenager is lying..."when they open their Mouth" The same apply's to our children in the hands of addiction..But all the physical signs are there...And all he has to do is use once..and all this pain goes away...How powerful is that ??? How powerful is that urge to use when he is going through this agonizing pain ?? How powerful is that drug?? Opiates are one of the most difficult drugs to detox from... He is clean..."Mamma I am going to do this"...Where is he ? I did not ask...Did I want to relent and say you can stay home seeing him suffer Like that..You bet..But I also resisted the Urge..He assured me he is safe...&... Isolated...These symptoms can last 3-10 days.Today he would be on day 7. Each day they get a little less..This is the physical symptoms..This was yesterday...One Day at a time.

From my research..Lurking on Forums for Addictions..blogs etc I have learned a few tips to help him through the physical symptoms.
I had these on hand for when he returned from detox.
*Gatorade- to replenish his emancipated body with good stuff..vitamins..minerals etc..also to prevent dehydration.
*Melatonin to help with sleep..a "natural" sleep aid.
*Multi-vitamin supplement
*Water..lots of it
Our Family Dr.Was also going to give him a script for clonedine to help with restless legs..bone pain etc...He will have to do without that for now..He is seeing him Monday..If is still clean he may follow through with that medication.
 I told him how proud I was of him...He was doing the right thing..Yes it was hard..But He could do this!! Shared Lunch with him & Off he went...With lots of support..a hug..and positive Thoughts...We will continue to support & not enable him as long as he is clean.
It was both an Uplifting day & a day of internal conflict..Watching him leave...A day of resistance for both of us.

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