Saturday, June 22, 2013

Cotton Fever

Cotton Fever..A new medical term for me...Never learned this one!!
I was however, introduced to it last night.When my son showed up at the door..Shaking violently...Fever of 104...ER doc knew right away..I thought he OD...
As Described by Wikipedia:
 Cotton fever is a syndrome that is often associated with intravenous drug use, specifically the use of cotton to filter drugs like heroin.[1] The cause of the condition has been established to be the endotoxin shed by the bacteria Enterobacter agglomerans which colonizes cotton plants.[2] A condition very similar to cotton fever was described in the early 1940s among cotton-farm workers. The term cotton fever was coined in 1975 after the syndrome was recognized in intravenous drug users. However, some sources have attributed the symptoms of cotton fever with simple sepsis occasioned by unsafe and unsanitary drug injection practices. This is borne out by the fact cotton fever occurs in equal spread with all injectable drug users, with various filter materials utilized.

My dear God,what does it take for him to stop??
Yes I struggled in wanting to let him stay here...I almost gave in till the manipulation started...And he said " It will be your fault if I die"
He did not know what was happening to him..I did not know..One more step toward him reaching for that rope and pulling himself out??
He is now homeless...How can detox reach him if he has no phone?
Give them mine...Check in with me each day..I will pass on the message and take you there when a bed opens up...Selling his possessions now for money.My heart is broken..My head is constantly aching with worry... He is sick..He has a disease..He is so far down, does he have enough sense to grab that rope??
Do I pull him out? Does it matter how he gets out of the hole..As long he gets out?? 
So many Blogs I have read..So many different theory's...In the end I guess It comes down to what hasn't worked..So no sense repeating what Did not work before...I only know these next 2 weeks are for my Oldest son..My grandbabee...For Me...



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