Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Dear AA/NA

This is a not so short and not so sweet post,I am so angry and disappointed.Just answer me this question,and,It had better be an intelligent,evidence based answer!

Why would any AA/ NA group refuse young Men and Women,Their hard earned chips,when they find out they are on MATS??
A young Man/Woman who, during "treatment",was driven daily to NA/AA meetings,visited daily in rehab by NA/AA..given the books,welcomed with open arms,loved  by those members who stated "seeing these youth's smiling faces in recovery make our day". BUT never told " By the way,if you take MAT ( medication assisted treatment), you are not welcome??? When they KNOW 80 percent in the Center are taking them!!!

Never miss meetings,worked their steps with every bit of sincerity as the next person,turned their life around 100 percent,Tell Me Why don't they deserve their Fcuking Chip???

  Their not clean ? They are on a medication for a disease,They're NOT high.We encourage our Youth to attend NA/AA,It has an important "Support" place in their recovery, AND this is the result,time and time again.
  YOUR freaking higher power is WAY different than mine.Mine does not JUDGE.Mine hung around with Thieves and prostitutes,Murders, don't tell me MAT is a crutch,Cause you know what ? I love crutches.They help people walk again ! I love Band aids.They help our sores heal !

Any Adult who has walked this road of Addiction and refuses a young or any person who" is" in RECOVERY,A GD well earned Chip,Needs to work his freakin steps again.Cause he missed a whole lot !!.
Example :
AA:"The Big BOOK"
 No A.A. member should “play doctor”; all
medical advice and treatment should come from a
qualified physician.

Drug Replacement
By definition, drug replacement is used for a differ-
ent reason than prescribed medications for mental or
physical health. This distinction makes drug replace-
ment a separate issue for us in NA. When it comes to
those who participate in drug replacement, it is helpful
to remember that our Third Tradition clearly states that
membership in NA is established when someone has a
desire to stop using or when they choose to become a
member, not when they are clean. No matter what the
issue, groups are still charged with the goal of welcom-
ing each person who walks into a meeting.

They earned that Chip. A few years ago a young man shared with me a story, about himself, and his to recovery on MAT and being refused his chip.I dug out one of my fathers chips and personally gave him his one year chip.I know, My Dad, would gladly give it up to this young man ,who rightly deserved it.Cause that's the kind of AA/NA MAN he was.Shame on you!

Bill W was a very progressive man,I have no doubt he would be rolling in his grave seeing what happened, and happens everyday within these groups.Remember folks AA/NA is not treatment..It is a support group.

P.S. Do not tell them to find another another meeting,This is a common theme among our youth who attend "Different" meetings.There must be someone willing to stand up and speak for these youth.Times are changing folks and our kids are dying.Be part of the solution Please, Please ,not the problem.They are devastated! I will forever choke on the words,Seek a NA/AA Support group it will help in your recovery.When, I know in my heart,this will be the reward for your recovery, None !


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    1. Thank-You, I just don't understand why everyone is not doing everything they can for people in recovery..It is bullying..discrimation...period.

  2. I really dislike the fact that I have to say what an awesome letter. It is a disgrace the way these so called support groups run. They need a good long look at the manner with which they treat struggling people who only want support and hope. Anyway you can recover is damn hard work and should be encouraged. They are not using drugs they are on a legally prescribed medication as am I which I am proud to say I am on Methadone, I say no to drugs if anyone doesn't like it I really don't care as I know how hard it has been to stay off drugs for 23yrs. It is a struggle everyday and I am Clean... I did shower today to all at N/A

    1. Is it ok if I say I love you !! Thanks from the bottom of my heart for for your comment.A " testament" To the wonderful compassionate empathic souls we have in recovery..Squeaky Clean..xo

  3. My son was also shunned by man NAers when he told them he was on suboxone. The next meeting he found to go to he never told anyone about it. Isn't it amazing how addicts judge addicts and POAs judge as well when it comes to medication assisted treatment. I have been on groups in Facebook and left because I could not believe how people would rip into anyone whose loved one was on methadone or suboxone.

    1. Yes it is alive and well in both Erin.I find it very difficult to keep quiet when I see this kind of behavior.Therefore,Like you,I leave,rather than bring myself down to their level. Isn't it Ironic tho, if they don't tell,not one person even suspects they are on MATS..even tho they claim they can pick them out a mile away cause their high, No not high,Normal ! Thanks For dropping by Erin,Hope your son continues to do well..xo

  4. What a shame to be deenid support and encouragement from our peers but turned away and shamed,because of the mmt we have chosen .

  5. Life on PEI is extremely difficult for recovering addicts. I live with three people on MATS - all three are doing extremely well. They have found NA meetings to be of absolutely no use...they entered the meeting feeling good about themselves and left feeling like crap. I am extremely proud of well my children are doing. From the day my kids admitted they had a problem and sought help, we have treated their addiction like the disease that it is and even though there were lots of tough times, recognizing that poor decisions were being made by a brain that needed a lot of recovery time, made it easier. NA meetings and even counsellors provided by the province, did not help even in the slightest. I believe that they are simply too ignorant and and unwilling to educate themselves as to the medical facts because they want to feel superior to others. I never advise any people with substance abuse disorder to seek counselling. I give them the number to Dr. Hooley's new clinic.... now there is a person who understands this terrible disease. Pharmacists are another group that need to be educated.

    1. So glad to hear all 3 continue to do well!! Good counsellors are rare,The whole system needs big time overhauling.They need training from the frontline staff to the professionals.If they had any other disease they would be treated with compassion..empathy and respect.Unfortunately this is not the case with the disease of addiction.You are right on about pharmacists..Add the justice system to your list.So much more to do! Thank-you for stopping by..xo