Sunday, November 9, 2014

Support For The Reach Center

Your Support would be greatly appreciated next weekend for The Reach Center.They will be participating in the Blowout Sale at the Civic Center .You will see them running the canteen..At the Reach Booth..where they will be selling Items the youth have worked on such as T-Shirts..Birdhouses..Christmas Kits for Home Decorating..I also heard there will be FUDGE!!...I can't forget Onesies..for all ages..And a few more area's.

This Center is a labour of love..Started by 3 mother's..They need the support of the community to continue to help our youth..To help them get back on their feet..into receiving much needed support from the staff and each other.It is unique..and it is working!!

It is also where the Family Support Group meets each Tuesday night.

These Women need our support..Our Youth Need our support.This is a Great example of the community stepping up do what they can, in helping with epidemic of opioid addiction on our Island.Who says we Parents..the community.. aren't doing our part..Let's pay it forward in giving them our support and Love..After all we are more than an Addiction Community..We are A Family..xoxo