Sunday, June 16, 2013

To My Father

The Firsts' of everything without you hurts so deep,
This Day is so far the worst for me..
The One Day I loved to Celebrate You!
You, My sweet Dad, My Hero, My Friend.
I see you everywhere,everyday,In everything I do..

It is the little things I miss
Seeing the twinkle in those eyes,
Treats in brown paper bags
Stories Embellished with your own special twist
Bouquets of Sea Heather
Freshly picked in the Damp Evening Mist...

No Harvard degree,But a Professor of life
Your teachings were varied,all taught with love
Patience with me..As I would struggle to learn..
The Lessons of life
Or the Inner workings of my car
You guided me with those little hands
I still hear your wisdom even tho from A-Far. 

The Adventures we had..Throughout the years.
You made them exciting, Being by my Side
Peeking in windows on christmas morn.
To catch your first grandsons, first words of  glee.
Let's go for Ice cream...I remember you whispering
The Day Cancer Came knocking..To Visit me!

When it came knocking for you..I fell apart!!
You..Answered the door..But only a crack.
You weren't letting him in..You were Beating him Back.
With your Captains hat Poised always just right.
A spring in your step,A smile on your Face
Bring it on..The fight of your Life..

Some say you lost your Battle with Evil that day
I say you won cause you fought with your Life
Friends & Family..One last Gathering with you
Your Spirit...Embraced us I knew you were there!
My first Love,My Daddy,My Friend
Happy Father's Day..I know you are here..

  I was Born on " Father's Day "..My Dad always Said I was the best gift he ever got..I Think, he was "My" best gift, on my " Birthday"