Monday, June 17, 2013


 Denial as Described in the Webster's dictionary is as follows : Is asserting that a statement or allegation is not true. To say we haven't all been there at some point in our lives would be an untruth. I remember the first time I actually studied the word " Denial" It was in A Nursing Course I was taking on " Death & Dying".It was there I was introduced to Helen Kubler Ross's Five stages of Grief Model.
The first stage being Denial,Although I truly Believe all 5 stages directly apply to Addiction also.I then read Anna Freud's research on Denial and same thing..Could easily be applied to Addiction.

One of the reasons We decided to openly talk about our son's addiction..Not just with Family..but friends..Politicians..anyone who will listen actually, was because of this one little word ," Denial". It is a tiny word but a very powerful one.For our son, I feel, it is what is keeping him from recovery, in a healthy way.He denies he has an addiction problem! He has told us many times..I am not an Addict..I am not like those people on the streets..No one knows I use..They do now!!

It has held him back from taking that first crucial step...and thus learning how to effectively manage his own addiction and recovery.

Whether it was right or wrong it was one of reasons we decided to bring this issue out into the open.Kinda nudge him out of denial and into acceptance.We risk alot by doing this...perhaps even losing our son by his continued denial..Anger toward us...It is a risk we have to take, because nothing else seems to be working ! It is a daily internal battle for us..His Addiction..We continually second guess ourselves...It is hard..

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