Monday, September 29, 2014

Grama's House

I received a lovely e-mail this morning from another mother whose daughter is struggling with opiate Addiction.It was full of positivity..hope.She just wanted to drop me a line to tell me she enjoyed my blog and how much it helps her understand better her daughters Addiction...That she is not alone..that she has a place she belongs...I was humbled...


It is her story that is inspiring..and sad..and the reality of more and more women and men.It brings to mind the Quote " Be Kind..Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about."

She is also a grandmother..of 3 beautiful grandchildren..that yes..she is raising !

She has given me permission to share a bit of her story..not because she wants sympathy..because she wants you to know ,she is doing her part in the fight with the monster Addiction.You will not see her at the Rally's,The support group meetings..But she is there in spirit.

She was the " Sandwich Generation"..Raising her own children ( she has 6 children..all have left the nest).. while providing care and love to her aging parents as their journey on this earth,came to an end.

She is now part of what Stats Canada calls " "skip-generation households." There are more and more of these households as this epidemic rises.She Said" I could not turn those kids away..or allow them to placed in foster care ,I believe my daughter is sick..and could die from her disease..No different than any other chronic disease that the public views as respectable..such as Cancer..or MS." "I want to do this..for her..for my grandchildren."

She is cheer leading the efforts being taken to change the system.. to get adequate timely treatment ..from the sidelines..But she wanted me know she's there..with us..every step of the way!!

She is my hero..She and others like her..who are sacrificing,what should be the their golden do their part in the Dance with the Devil !

She told me.." I get no aid from social services..They have offered to help if I quit my job ( she has 33 years in and 2 years left for a full pension and benefits)..Quitting my job is not an option..So no help.

I hope and I hope some more..her daughter finds her way to recovery...xoxo
Thank-you for reaching out to me..You give me strength to carry on the fight..Please know you will always be in my thoughts and prayers..Hugggggs

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


 is for Opiod

A Pill so powerful your hooked in days...
People continue not to understand the potency of this drug..
This is not the pot and hashish of days gone by..
Where a walk to the 12 step rooms..brings you into the open arms of recovery.

Theses pills attach themselves to the brains receptor's.
They refuse to let go..
For years... into the path of  a recovery..
Holding those caught in the grip of their disease hostage.
Horrendous craving's..physical symptoms causing great pain.

The Recipients of this disease are as much distraught as the public..
They don't want to live like this..ruining lives..families..
They reach out..they give it all they got..
But O is the gift that keeps on giving..

They try again..a different path this time..
And again O..reaches out..
And thus the legacy of this little pill lives on...forever
or dies with the recipient..

When you have the world's best known Center's for Addiction..The Betty Ford and Hazelden( which have merged )..Now offering 3 paths to recovery..including..MEDICATION..such as methadone and suboxone..It speaks Volumes about the problem we have in our Country!!

For God's sake..For our Loved ones part of the better treatment..Not Judge..xo

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Eyes Of Addiction

While out for a walk today..I'm aging myself now.. The song, "Betty Davis Eyes" by Kim Carnes, starting blaring in my ears, through my Ipod..

For some reason it brought back visions of my son's eyes... when he was in active addiction.

It wasn't the redness, the pupils larger or smaller than usual ,or even the times I had seen nothing... but the whites as they rolled back into the sockets.

It was the emptiness... The Darkness...The same emptiness I have seen many times with people who are dying..they're still breathing, but they are gone..the life has left.

Addiction steals their souls and sucks the life right out of them..They are void of any feeling..even the basic needs of life have been,shelter, clothing.

What an Evil..Vile.. Disease Addiction is !!

I remember the fear that erupted in me.. when I would look in them..And the pleasure I feel now.. to see the sparkle back..the light..the life...xoxo

Friday, September 12, 2014


I have so many holes in my tongue from biting it...I am thankful I have this blog to heal it!!

Finally yesterday we get word from Dr.Matters on her report( Mental Health & Addiction) ,that we have all been, eagerly awaiting, for over a year now .

Well Folks here it a nutshell.

  • Dismantle the Strength program for 7 youth,Add 5 beds..announce a" New" 1 Million Dollar 12 bed long term addiction treatment center for youth.Nothing more than a slight of  hand magic trick... to make things disappear and reappear as something new

  •  A New 12 bed Long Term Mental Health Treatment Center for Youth.Closing out the 4 bed unit at the hospital..add them to the New 8 beds. Another 1 Million Dollars
Total : Lucky 13..13 new beds for Addiction & Mental Health... for the thousands suffering with these diseases on our Island.


Now remember... these Facilities are still awaiting final approval and when approved will take a year to implement !

Did anyone notice ( I know you all did)..There was no announcement regarding anything..diddly squat.... for those OVER 24 !!!!!

I know we live in a disposable society..Hard to believe this also includes lives..The lives of those who have been struggling for YEARS with little to no help..except crumbs..or Jail..or death..It certainly gives them hope !! I know they would Thank-You ...from the bottom of their broken,diseased hearts !!!

I Thank-You...My son Thanks You.. For NOTHING..xoxox

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mamma's Mustard Pickle

This was a spontaneous conversation... my son initiated with me yesterday, over a pot of bubbling,aromatic, soon to be, scrumptious mustard pickles !

Have you ever been so afraid it made you sick Mamma? Hmmmm..Lucky I was stirring that pot or that wooden spoon might have accidentally hit him !!

Yes I have..And you ? 
Yes, I'm afraid that I have ruined my life and I'm scared It will never be the same again.

Keep stirring the pickles Mamma...
                                                                                                                                                            Well Babe... it won't ever be same..It can be better!
As long as you don't feed the fears...Just keep looking looking back !

As we sat down later to enjoy the first taste of this seasons batch I started to giggle...

I shared with him a question I read on site somewhere ( sorry I can't remember where) The question was asked in reference to people in recovery.Can a pickle ever evolve back into a cucumber ?

Maybe not..But that cucumber,with all the right ingredients..patience and hard work..Constant stirring with the wooden spoon..Can be the best damn mustard pickle !!!

Eat up and enjoy,
My Sweet Mustard Pickle...xoxo

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Just Show up

I must start this off by sharing with you all the story of yet another amazing young man in recovery.His name is Chris Cull..You may not recognize the name yet..BUT you will !! He just wrapped a 4 month Journey across our vast Country, On his Bicycle, to bring awareness To the disease of Addiction and the effects of Prescription Drug abuse,All the time filming his Journey,Meeting with families,Listening to specialists, Researching,Sharing his story of recovery,Listening to stories of others in recovery,Giving hope to those still in the grips of this horrendous disease !!

I got a chance to meet..and listen to his story last night at an event held on our gentle Island..He brought tears to my eyes.You can read about Chris here on his Facebook page, Inspire . See where he has been...what he has done..and where he goes from here in his Journey, and his work on his Film, he hopes to release,telling his story.

Now I am going to rant!!

Although the organizers of this event ( parents) had a very short time to plan and get the word out..They accomplished it masterfully and  the word was well spread.“There was a passionate group of people who attended, but I would have expected the place to be bursting at the seams considering the extent of the problem on PEI. I shouldn’t be surprised as Addiction remains a dirty little secretstigmatized and shamed…Keeping many silent..and invisible”.

Yet..and here she goes !!!!!!!!!! I woke this morning to read on the the Facegroup groups..people complaining of no help..people are dying..not enough resources..someone has to do something !!

Ummmmm..You are all those someones !!!!!!!!

There was a room full of politicians last night at the event..perfect opportunity to share your story's....Show them we care....The people who organised the event..are the same people who ARE speaking out..Are telling their Stories..Are Pushing for more resources..More help..CHANGE!! Working hard to save our children !! With no complaints...They found their voices..They have overcome the stigma & shame..Their secrets are out...To save our children!!! They understand the strength it takes to do is not easy..and not a journey many parents..the public are able..or willing to take...BUT..By god get out there and support the Island..the politicians..that you are there at least..That you care what happens..They'll speak for you..YOU need to show up!! Not when a Crisis hits..Show up..keep showing up..put your support and presence behind these women!! It's all in numbers folks..We have Thousands of kids suffering..and we get maybe 30.....                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Please Please..Help educate the politicians..Help Educate the public..Help these Women that are fighting for our Children!!!!!!!!! It is so easy to dismiss an lip service..BUT when Hundreds of people show up..Support the events..Support those speaking out..That my friends cannot be dismissed !!!! That is a visual caught on camera...That is impact..That's what gets things moving..changing!!

I do show up..I will continue to show up..because even tho my son is in recovery..Many many more are not..and I will show up for them also..I will show up for YOUR child,mother,father..please do the same for my son..xoxo