Friday, July 19, 2013


10 minutes with my son and I am exhausted!! I truly have not seen any progress in his recovery other than he is on the methadone. It has been a month now..Maybe I am expecting to much,to fast...Maybe he just isn't into recovery as I much I am..Or "I" think he should be !!
 2 days of visits..both days I kept my answers simple..short..or I changed the subject if the subject was something I did not want to get today..I went to bed !! Left him sitting there with his father..Not nice I know..But I can only listen..and keep quiet so long...better to slip out..then lose it right!! Just as supper was finishing..there he was..back again..he is like a fart in a mitt..can't keep talk talk..on easily 10-15 subjects in 10 mins..This is the ADHD...I have encouraged him,when he starts working to get a gym burn off some of that energy...Of course we all know what came next...I won't get my first check for a month..maybe you could buy me one..I was thinking about it..It might help..when the next sentence was I also would need new gym clothes...extra money for the gas...I need new work boots..I have no milk..Maybe when I start working you could co-sign for a new car for me....I screamed silently...I smiled....Put on my sneaks and went for a walk..when I came home..he was gone. Nite Nite..Zzzzzz

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