Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Neverending Story

Well after a 4 day hiatus from addiction..and it's issues I return back home, no less peaceful or calmer.It wasn't actually a hiatus..he called..many times...he showed up..under the guise of needing something ...and talked..and talked..about his current situation.."his" definition of recovery..His love life..etc. Why does he insist on talking to me about these things when any advice..thoughts..I give, he quickly rejects..He is always right..Yep that's why Life is so great for you at the moment..Cause you are making all the right decisions!!
 I have to learn to Zip it !! 
Being" Clean" & in " Recovery" Has just brought a whole new set of problems...Yes I am absolutely ecstatic he is back on the program...Now I have to listen to ...You and Dad said you would support me in recovery!!
His definition of  support and ours are on completely different fields..His is financial...Always about the money..Ours is more on the emotional level..However we do still pay for his methadone..I think 600.00 a month is significant financial support...He thinks he needs to live a little higher on hog...He is starting work in a few weeks...he will pay us back..he needs to enjoy a few weeks before work starts...Not gonna happen..Not on our dime..When my boys were small their favorite Video was " The Neverending Story". The Title..Not the Movie..keeps scrolling across my brain.....

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