Monday, July 8, 2013


Vacation is over and Reality is kicking back in...If I am talking Reality...It never really left...My Vacation started with myself, Dog & Cat.My Hubby stayed at the house with my son as he was starting back on the Methadone Program..Umm yes, we let him move back in, while he got back into the program & got thro the first week back on the program.I let his Dad handle him this week.I did not take his calls..My Hubby came out to the Cottage each night for supper..Then back to the house with our son. It was an experience for my Hubby, as It is usually" Moi" that handles my son & his issues.My Hubby is just coming to terms with the word "Addiction".  Baptism by Fire !

My Family Doctor Called me after the first appt to restart on the Methadone Program.He Always likes to have a Family consult so everyone is on board..Understands..encourages further treatment such as NA..counselling etc. Seems I was missing..Was I ok ?..Seems the men in my Family did not know why I missing from the meeting ??? Duhhhh !!! After explaining I was on Vacation from Addiction...He said " It is about time". He was however concerned, that all my son did was try & manipulate, the whole much methadone he soon to up the dose.. how often he would be pee soon he should get Carry's..etc..etc..etc..Hubby just sat there..asked no questions. I assured him he would be ok...he just needs time to become a willing participant in my son's addiction.He then got it..why Mamma was absent! Enjoy Your Vacation!! 

Each night my Hubby looked worse & worse when he came out for supper...He would talk & talk about about his day..what my son said..what he did..what he didn't do..I kept silent..just serving out the supper..smiling..Trying so dam hard not to interject and give him advice..But I did it..I remained silent!!
The final night of his week long stint with my son he looked at me and said..I got it..Hmmmm..what did you get? You need me..OH yes I do!! You can no longer sit on the silence...I can no longer be the Center of the team being crushed..and expected to keep getting up..dusting myself off and doing it all over again ( God I hate football). We need to be a team!! Back each other up...Offense..Defense..Special Teams!!

As we prepared for the second week of Cottage Time..together..Awaiting the arrival of my oldest son & my Sweet grandbabeee..we planned the valuable time to be spent enjoying them...This week was Ours!!
Yep..Tune in tomorrow...

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