Monday, July 29, 2013

Beheading The Snake

As I read our daily paper this morning,Our small little Island has one of highest Crime rates in Canada...No Surprise there!! After all we also have one the highest numbers of Addicts per Capita .How you ask, is this even slightly related to your recovery?? Well it's like this...As part of my recovery, I have decided to join forces with a group of Mom's..Dad's to fight for better addiction  treatment with the powers that be, regarding our children's Addiction issues.Thus it helps me to feel like I am doing my part in this battle.Frustrating as it is...It is kinda like dealing with the addict themselves..Hear no Evil..See No Evil..Speak No Evil !! They always have an answer..Of the course the answer is always Money,or rather lack of.

One of the statements made when asked why they are not cracking down harder on the main land drug dealers was " They wanted the little guys to lead them to" Mr.Big".They feel it is better to cut the head off the snake.Well so far the snakes have eluded them.Why not work on what feeds the snakes!!! Fills his belly...make him shed his skin and slink away to another hunting ground!!

Most of our children at some point in their addiction, have resorted to selling drugs to feed their own addictions...Not something we want to hear..or believe..But it is true.It is our children that are filling the snakes' belly.So why not work from the tail up..After all there is more than one way to skin a snake!!!

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