Thursday, July 11, 2013


 This has been an extremely rough week emotionally...We lost both our precious pets within Days each of each other.Our Cat with Purrrsonality plus had to be put down on Monday due to Kidney & Liver Failure.Although we knew it was coming, as we watched him failing within the last few months,It was very difficult..He had a great life of 18 years.Both my sons took it very hard ,after all he was around for most of their lives.
 Our Dog followed very closely yesterday.He suffered from Arthritis for a few years now,along with Cancer.A German Shepard who was my Baby..When he went down yesterday and could not get back up I knew..Against all odds I was hoping a magic pill would fix him..I was willing to shell out any amount of money to make him better..But it was not to be..My Vet explained along with the arthritic hips & tumors he also had spinal damage due to the toll of the arthritis..He would not be able to walk without excruciating pain..The choice was made..He was 13.As I wrote in a previous post about him...He has gotten me thro many a rough times and always gave that unconditional Love.
 They got to spend their last weeks at the cottage that they both loved dearly..They will be missed..xo

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