Thursday, July 25, 2013


Yesterday I made our Appt. with the Legislative Assembly,to share with them our families story with Addiction and why things need to change.We have chosen a private session vs sharing in the public session, for our son's privacy,and not to protect us, as we are so over the hiding!!

As I was thinking about our journey and what we were going to share, I remembered a Blog I came across about 4 years ago when I suspected our son was using, but still so very much ignorant .I found it very hard to read.                                                        
                                                                                                                                             It is his innermost thoughts,honest,scary,heartwarming,sad and yes, even humorous at times.I really did not finish reading it all, for a few years.The reason why I am bringing it up now is to point out...As an Island,Province we have made very little progress in treatment of Addiction Since Reggies writings began in 1998.

This is the Addy of the blog mereggie-the story of reggiemacdonald 
Every time I revisit it I cry...It could be my son..It is his path so far, no different..different name perhaps..same Journey,same treatment options, I hope to God not the same ending!! 

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