Friday, July 12, 2013

The Visits'

Today, my son, is 3 weeks back on the Methadone Program...For this I am Grateful beyond words!
During his daily visit ( yes he comes by everyday..and calls me..When he doesn't, I know something is amiss).He told me he would have his first "clean" Pee test in many many months.Keeping my fingers crossed....for his sake.These visits drain me...One of the reasons ,I realize, is because of the small City..Province we live in..Which is in deep denial about the serious drug situation we are facing.The papers are full of drug related offences, The Radio,The News,The streets,everywhere you look it is in your face.The problem for me..him..It is a topic of conversation daily..Did you hear? Did you See? Did you Read? The sad thing is We know almost all of these Families being Ravaged by this disease!! Yes there are many pro's about small town living..But like everything, there are con's also. Although I have a rule..No talk about always somehow creeps into the conversation.
 He got his call back for work...Two weeks..Physically he should be back in shape...Mentally...I am not sure..His recovery?..Just the Methadone program. I have quit asking about meetings..counselling..It just upsets me to hear the answers..excuses..reasoning's..After all his recovery is his own!!! ( yep I said that!! )
He looks so much more healthier..Is actually eating food
He now admits to have addiction problems
He is actually wearing short-sleeved T-Shirts
I am Happy to see him looking better ..not seeing the addict who was at death's door, 3 short weeks ago.
I will embrace these changes...Offer support..Encouragement..
He has many Obstacles still to overcome...Which he seems to be in complete denial about..The possibility of Jail time being one of them..In the last 2 weeks alone there have been 27 of our children sent to Jail or prison on drug related charges...25 of these we either knew ..or know a family member..Sad Sad Sad. There are no programs offered in Jail to help them..needless to say the Jail is massively overcrowded...And worst..they all know each other..It is like one Big reunion when they go in!! So they come out..No better..maybe worse then when they entered..My Thought for today..I have this hanging on my kitchen wall...It has a double meaning now !!

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