Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Another Tool

For Those of us new to the blogging word,but not new to addiction, we are always reading,searching out new Blogs,Ways to help our Children.Early on I was given the addy of this blog written by a Dad, by another Mom In the same battle.

Addiction Journal

  Which has helped more than I can Say...What I get out of it is, straight frills..Hope. The Good news for me..and many others I am sure, is he has now started a Bulletin Board..A Place to go to ask questions....Share our knowledge...Or learn from our lack of knowledge...This is the Info.

New Message Board

To use the message board/ discussion forum
1. register at
2. wait for confirmation email ( please check spam/ junk mail folder if you dont receive )
You should only have to register once.
3 on that email you receive there will be a user name and password (auto-generated ) and a link to login ( you may wish to favorite )
go to that link
4 After logging in you can change passwords and update information if desired. ( Edit my settings in top right hand corner )
5. While logged in visit which will take you to the topics


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