Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Grand Central Station

Just A typical day in our Home,Grand Central Station !
I am sitting with one of my beautiful nieces this morning having a chat about her new Adventure,When I hear a Voice coming down the hall" Honey I am Home" ( hubby back from a 3 day hiatus at the cottage)exact same Time, back door opens " Morning Mamma ".

 We are all sitting around having a nice visit,Variety of topics, of which none included drugs,addiction,money.This is how it should be right ? RINNNNNNG,I answered,My Son's Lawyer.Seems they have decided to drop the serious charge,If he pleads guilty to the lesser one.No Jail time, A fine,probation,no contact order for term of probation.The Kitchen Table gang became quiet as he announced this news.Then he announced his news...No F#@$ way..Going to fight this...We want to be together!! RINNNNNNNNNNG.Again I answer,Pharmacy,Son's methadone is starting on the decrease starting tomorrow.Ook..Must be due to that clean pee test he told me about !! Passed on the Message,He never missed a beat,Must be a mistake,I will clear that up tomorrow!                                            
                                                                                                         As I looked around the now quiet table,trying to read everyone thoughts,read their expressions,I spoke up .  I announced I was expecting.A new furry bundle of joy would be arriving in a month.Smiles were once again on the faces,On the outside anyway.

As I walked my niece to the front door..hugs..kisses..love you's..She said.."Breathe"...Guess my facial expression was the easiest to read.Next time we will do Coffee in a " Real Coffee Shop". As I walked back down the Hall I could hear my Hubby say,Times up Budd,Off you go..Back door shuts..Breathe..

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