Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kick Me

Yes and make it with a pair of steel toed work boots. It's all about the boots.
What actually started off as a good day, ended like most days lately with drama.
My son started back to work..Happy Day..because I never thought, in a million years, he would make it this far..and be actually strong enough to do it..But he did.
What a nice peaceful day...He stopped in after work.We actually had a good visit,A normal conversation,He actually ate & left!!
Fast forward to an hour later,Pitter Patter of big feet down the hall,
my boss just called,Health & Safety will be performing checks tomorrow at work and I need a new pair of work boots.
Conversation kinda went like this:
Then the dance began,he said all the right things,I gave in,Dad did not.Ut Ohhhh!!
So off we went to purchase a pair of steel toed work boots,csa approved.
He did not try and get me to purchase top of the line,which I expected him to do & then I was going to walk out in my 5.00 flip flops!! Purchase went smoothly.He Thanked me,went on his merry way.I was actually going to tell him he had to stop in here on his way to work so I could see he had the boots on..But I zipped it..That would be manipulating..right ? Just ignore the fact that I enabled him by buying the GD boots!!

Hubby was sooo angry with me..I just bought him 100.00 boots that he was going to sell and buy drugs with..Maybe I did,but it was a chance I was willing to take,Cause maybe..Just maybe I didn't, better yet..he wouldn't!! I was willing to take that chance,he is sober,he is starting work,he has no money,he promised to pay me back( no laughing please),I had to take a chance on him.I wonder if he will ever realize the stress his addiction causes us...our marriage..I hope so!!

Well 20 minutes ago he walked in here on his way to work...wait for it...wait..YES!! He had the new work boots on!!
That's not to say I was right..and Hubby was wrong...I went with my gut on this one.



  1. Yay! He had on the boots :0).

    The way your worded this post it made me laugh, especially the part about him paying you back, lol, yup I know that one well :0)