Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Anonymous People

I must say I was moved beyond words when I watched this documentary last night. I cried and I laughed,but most of all I learned !

It is about recovery from both Addictions of Drugs & Alcohol..It takes the mystery out of  the 12 step program to a whole new level and involves the community as a whole..Definitely a learning tool..It also appears to have great success & really talks to the downfall of keeping Addiction a secret and how that affects the recovery process.

Most importantly for me is told by those in recovery!! I mean really folks..who knows what's best for those in recovery than those living it!

As a Community fighting for adequate treatment it would do many people..not only politicians..but our community..province, to get the opportunity to watch this film.

I am sure there will be nay sayers..But for me..It talked to me.

It will be available to the public on March 14 at this address The Anonymous People, again for Internet viewing,However, there will be a 14.99 charge.If you choose to view it..get a group together..pass the hat.

It can break the stigma ...bring understanding,empathy..most of all action !!

I wish we could round up the whole Island and watch..

I will pay it forward..and spread the word..encourage others to watch..send the link to the power's that on perhaps getting a screening here ( with a little help from my friends ;)

Here is the Trailer on YouTube:

Anonymous No More !!

It moved me..xoxo

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