Wednesday, March 5, 2014

7 Weeks

Worth of clean Pee tests..YES!!

 One of rules of our household when my son came out of detox was he had to bring home the results of his Pee tests ,The reason being we do not allow him to live with us and actively use in our home.He agreed..we got a few at first..then nothing..and week after week..nothing.

 I chose my battles wisely.. this was one I was not willingly to get into as he knew..we would know, if he was using in our home.

 Even tho we consciously let him own his recovery..and we concentrated on ours..this was killing me inside..But I zipped it !

 Yesterday he handed me a Big Yellow Manila envelope with 7 weeks worth of clean tests..I checked the number..birthdate..yes they were his!! He did not make a big deal over them..I however, put them proudly on my fridge ;)

 I was told at the beginning of his recovery process, that for awhile he may continue to use till his methadone reaches the appropriate level..whether this was the reason we did not receive them as often as "WE" would have liked or mute now..Here they are..I am very proud of him..and I told him so..Isn't recovery Grand!!

Another step on the road to recovery

For us all :) xoxo

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