Thursday, March 27, 2014

He's Back

After 4 months in recovery...It reared his ugly head..again.

I am always amazed how quickly my handsome son can start looking so quickly..powerful stuff!

After spending time with our oldest son & grandbabies for a week...The minute I walked in the door I knew.

No freaking out..he knew, I knew..His recovery had ended...

At least he was honest ( about using again)..There were no denials...I am sure he could see my broken heart...But all I said was..what's the plan ?

I have a plan...continue working on my own recovery...continue to offer support without enabling.. continue to love..continue the fight for better treatment for this horrendous disease ...continue to leave his recovery to him..continue to advocate for him and others who struggle daily their demons...One day at a time.

I mentioned smart recovery will be opening up next month..he should look into adding something different to his plan this time..Smart Recovery might be an option..since his plan of recovery hit a brick wall!!!!!!!!!!!!

No One knows my son like I do..He needs serious treatment..In a "good".. long term.. Treatment Center..with professionals who will work on his whole being..this disease affects their whole body..mind & soul..he needs the whole package..Daily..Oh yea..we have no long term Treatment Facility!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


But I love my son..xo

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