Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mine Too

With the approaching nor-easter heading our way I decided a few supplies were in order.
As I was making way through herds of people doing the same thing, I ran into a former co-worker.
We did a little bit of catching up as it has been years,Our youngest children were born the same month and year.She had a girl.

I asked how her daughter was doing,where she was..the normal questions we all get asked and as parents of children with addiction issues we tend to skirt around. Her face got red..she stuttered & stammered..then the flood gates opened ! OMG I thought..what did I say?? Finally I heard her voice whisper,she is not doing well,she is addicted to opiates!

I then started to cry...she is looking at me like I am nuts! I then said..My son is in recovery from the same disease. It was the first time I had ever said that to someone face to face...I've blogged it..spoke on the phone with other parents..shared e-mails..but to say it to another Mamma,face to face..a first..Damn I knew what she was feeling..I also knew she was new to this journey!! I was crying for her,not my own situation..I knew what she going through.

We left our supply's in the aisle and went for coffee..we talked for over an hour..you know the drill..no help for her daughter..I don't know her anymore..family does not understand..siblings do not understand...But I did.

We exchanged phone numbers..Promised her I would keep in touch..call me anytime..there is hope..we are making inroads..although slow..read the paper..mamma's are speaking out..Rally's are being formed..recovery groups..support groups for families..do not be ashamed to tell your story..It is a disease like no other..you will get through this..I am..you will also.

After I got home..she called..just to say thank-you..No, thank-you for sharing with me..for opening up..for getting it all out..so I could tell you..You are not alone..sometimes that is all we need to hear, to start us on our own Journey of recovery,healing..xo


  1. Very nice! That is how we begin to heal. That mom was meant to run into you! She will get stronger just by knowing that she is not alone. There are many of us out there. When we open up, others open up. So happy this connection was made. xo

  2. Just knowing how I felt,when I heard those same words from you,many months ago I knew the comfort it would bring.I just wasn't prepared for the feelings I felt in actually saying them to another parent ,face to face....xo