Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sober Living

This is big pet peeve of mine.In a city of 40,000..A province of 120,000,we have 2 sober-living facilities.
One for the woman,One for the men.Average stay 3 months.Beds: 14 in Talbot (men's).Less in Lacey House ( women).

Addiction Center detox program turns out 28 Men & Women on a weekly basis with a waiting list.Chances of getting into a sober-Living facility..slim to none!! They also have a waiting List..Do the Math,perhaps not all wish or need to go to a sober-living facility,However even if half do,the chances of staying clean & sober for months while waiting are...not great...So back to using,back to petty crimes,back to the streets..Then back to Detox,A Vicious Cycle,A costly Cycle..As those of us know that have family members,friends on that Journey of Addiction. We also know,Only too well,that first time using after detox can be fatal !!

WE know the government is moving at a snail's pace on addictions..a full blown treatment center is way into the future..a few more sober-living facility's would be a tremendous help !! We have many empty buildings...Open them..they will come!!

A sad story was recently shared where someone,somewhere on our fair Island managed to detox at home..or Jail..and needed further help.When they called for help the answer was, sorry we can't help you if you have not used in 7 days...I mean this is cruel...It says go out and use again..then we can help.I believe one of biggest needs of people in early recovery is a safe place to stay ( away from triggers & old friends)..and support..We are severely lacking in that department. Let's keep the talk going..xoxo


  1. I agree a 100 percent with you,It comes down to hoping for them to serve time in jail just so they can start to think more clearly,,And that is no picnic either,I had 2 of My girls in jail at the same time,,it was horrible but so was the life they were living before they went in there,I can tell you they are both doing god now but there is no thanks to rehabilitation centers,,They were through that system it failed miserably,cause they could walk out at any time and they were left alone for most of the time they were in there,,

  2. Norma that is just sad,but so true!! I am sooo glad both your girls are doing well !!..I had a young man share with me the same story,he however, consciously got arrested due to no place else to go to stay clean !! Thanks for sharing..xo

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    1. Tracey, what started out as a journal for my own healing has taken me into fights for Addiction & Mental Health.They can always use one more voice...Thanks for your Comment..xo