Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Community Mourns

As the news started trickling out little by little,those of us in the addiction community were holding our breath.

A major fire in our city, in an abandoned building, in the wee hours of the morn..3 fatalities..1 survivor air lifted off Island for medical attention.

As we phoned,e-mailed,texted,& tweeted..hoping it wasn't one of ours living on the streets due to their became perfectly clear, there was not one single parent on our small Island, whose child did not come home that night... wasn't doing the same thing..The pain of not knowing where your child was took on a real sense of urgency to get in contact with them !!

Eventually it leaked out through the media,they were all young males, the youngest believed to be only 15, 2 were cousins..and all were from a small community outside the City. The loss of these young men will run deep in this small community of 2,000. It will run deep in our Province.

My heart breaks for these families and their loss of their children..there will be alot of speculation in the next few days surrounding the why's of this tradgey,I only hope people will remember to have empathy & Compassion for these families..Let them mourn their support from each other.. allow them their privacy !!

My heart is heavy and my prayers many, for these families and the community...xoxo


  1. Very sad story. It was a tough day. xo

    1. Indeed it was,with many tougher days ahead for the families.

  2. This is always my worst fear with vacant buildings , such a shame. My husband is a firefighter and he mentioned this fire to me as it was happening and that is always our first thought if anyone is in there that should not be. So sorry to hear about this my heart goes out to these families. Very, very sad...

  3. It is a sad time for so many families..I can't stop thinking about them..xo