Thursday, March 13, 2014

Drug Courts

After reading a piece in our paper this morning regarding specialized courts, How about a Drug Court.Judge Lantz states his hands are tied because of the existing court system.He has no choice but to follow rules & sentencing of the court.He would like to see that Change.So would I,as we continue to read our children's,parents,sisters,brothers names in the paper, being sent to Jail for petty crimes due to their addiction.

Hold on now,keep reading,I don't mean, and neither does he, violent crimes,but petty crimes like shoplifting.Sentencing a person with addiction issues to 3 months in jail for stealing a pot roast & 3 steaks is useless and costly.Because without treatment for the underlying cause,It is setting them up for failure.Instead, offer them treatment!! Hey there's a novel Idea..They sign an agreement to be sentenced in drug court,which offers them help, like being incarcerated in a Rehab instead of Jail.A win win situation for all..and saves thousands of dollars of the tax-payers money.

Is it 100 percent effective... no,but the success rate is high for those who participate.Which means they are not sitting in jail,writhing in pain, from withdrawals,dreaming of  getting that high when they get out.Instead they are given treatment,programs to help them when they get out,build their self esteem,give them something to look forward to when they do get out,A Life !!Keeping their minds & body's busy with thoughts of sobriety & recovery !!

Many of provinces in Canada have such Courts..and they are working!!
The Judges want them..they want more options,they want to help, rather than sentence them to jail,because they know,chances are in 3 months they will see them again for stealing that Can of Lobster,to sell,to get that next fix!

Here is an article that explains it quite simply How Do Drug Courts Work ?

A girl can dream..xoxo

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