Monday, March 24, 2014

Drug Addicts

I wonder if it is just me, or just part of my own healing that the word " Drug Addict" when referring to my son and others struggling with addiction,bothers me to the core!! I too used to use that word..don't get me wrong..but for some reason it now bothers me...Kinda like the advice you get from others parents about detaching..I choked each time I had to write it..I now use..distance ( advice from a fellow parent).It is amazing how one word can make all the difference in how we look at addiction.

I wonder if our children feel the same way when they hear themselves being referred to as "Drug Addicts"?
This is just my thought for the day..I find myself using "struggling with addiction" "active in their Addiction"..more in my conversations & writings lately..I think.. I too.. am finally finding my way through this journey of addiction and healing..My way.Just as my son is finding his path on the road to recovery his way.

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  1. The language of addiction does indeed have to change!