Thursday, August 29, 2013

Yard Sale

  After thinking about it I have agreed to let my son & girlfriend have their Yard Sale at our home,for purely selfish reasons,clean out my own house!! I am going to look at it as, a kind therapy..ridding myself of no..things in my life I no longer want..or need!! A Cleansing !!

  Hubby was asked to make up a budget for my, my !! Perhaps a start in becoming a responsible adult???
I am going to continue thinking on these positive train of thoughts..despite that little dark voice deep inside that keeps whispering "your setting yourself up." Shhhhhhhhh... It is still way to early in his recovery to silence that voice...I'm not sure If I ever will...sad...but True!

  I have come along way in my own recovery..Will I ever be healed fully..I doubt it..There are some images I do not think I will ever get out of my head..I may be able to put them up high on a  shelf...But if I look Wayyyyyyy Up..They are still there. I am however working on my own peace. I am not a high maintenance gal,Simple things in life make me happy.                                                         The one thing for me, that made such a difference was knowing I was not alone.Making that initial step to reach out for help to another Mamma was my lifesaver!!                                                                                 Starting this blog was the second step...Not so much in what I write, but it opened a whole new direction of learning by reading other Parents blogs!!  Reinforcing even further, that parents from all over the world, in agonizing high numbers, are enduring this Journey with  me.
  I have learned there is no guidebook for addiction..there are however certain No's No's that do work..Others vary with the circumstance you find yourself in...Knowing your own child before this monster stole them away,eg: did have they other issues before addiction,Mental..intellectual...physical...emotional illnesses.What works for one parent...may not work for you...Trial and error..No different than your own child's Journey...What treatment works for one...Does not always work for another. If the plan doesn't work..Change the plan..But never give up hope..And never..never..think you are alone!!!

Anyone want to buy a well used..outdated version Of Doctor Spock's Baby Book on how to raise A well adjusted Baby to Adult hood!!!!

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  1. ha ha! Those wonderful parenting books! When my kids were small I was so convinced that I was doing everything right - people always commented on how well-behaved our kids were - I planned to write a book about it. I figured I'd have time to write when they were grown up and working as doctors, lawyers, and/or dentists. lol. You know what they say, life is what happens when you're busy making plans. :)