Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Que Sera Sera

 Well, we finally got a date to meet privately with the Government Officials and Committee Members to voice our concerns,tell our story and hopefully open their minds & eyes. The problem is...we have only 20 minutes!!! I am thinking hubby & I will have to work closely on this one.I tend to ramble..speak with emotion,my god if I start to cry, I could use up all 20 minutes in tears!! He on the other hand can get his point across in one word. So I will have to write everything down I want to say and have him condense it for me.Oh my Sweet Jesus tho, I have much I want to say and 20 mins will not cut it!!

 So many topics...So little time...                                                                        Do I hit on the areas of treatment lacking for all our children,or only those that apply to our situation.My fear on this issue is all talk at the moment is pointing toward youth addiction.My son being 25 is no longer eligible for any treatment geared toward the youth ( 18-24).Even tho his brain still works at a teenager level!!

 Do I tell Our Story..risk losing it, as I share the hell we have been thro this past 5 years.Showing the impact on the families,emotionally,mentally,physically & financially..tug perhaps at their heartstrings ??

Do I strike out at their pocket book ( where the answers always seem to be..sorry we have no money).
I have done my homework and know that money invested in Addiction treatment, is much cheaper in the long run and short term then housing our children in prisons and Jails!

Do I dare Challenge their commitment to addiction...Oh don't get me started on that!! Their broken promises etc.

Do I remain courteous and polite...Or let loose like the mad Mamma I am !!

Do I go into Addiction is a disease..and deserves the best possible treatment like any other disease!!

Do I go armed with facts and figures..Pick any of our daily newspapers,surely then can read right ????

I have time to prepare,decide,seek input from others..

What I don't want to do is blow this chance!!...I want to make our voice heard..I want them to remember us..I want them to whisper when we leave " Wow".I also want to be the skinny blonde I was at 30!!


  1. Tell them to read all these blogs that parents like you are spending precious time on. They tell the story, the facts, the emotional and financial toll on families and our community. Tell them to open their
    eyes to whats happening to our children and young adults.
    Keep up the great work... you are awesome.

  2. I will give it my best!!
    Thank-you for your kind words of encouragement..I am humbled!!