Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I am learning so many new things on this Journey..Many I wish I didn't.Today's new word is" Jump"...Not the Meaning I am familiar with" When I say ask how high." The drug term Jump...Meaning when you are tapering down from or illegal and you want to stop the taper..You Jump!!

I am not jumping for joy over this new word but this my son's new plan...Today.I was surprised at his reaction to the news of the tapering continuing...Yes there was some drama..But not nearly as much as I had anticipated or had prepared for!!

The withdrawals from methadone can be nasty..depending on the dose..and the amount of time you were on it.A slow controlled taper is better..his is a rapid taper..Then there is a blind taper..see all the new things I am learning!!!

Sooooo here's the plan...once he reaches 20 he is going to more the side effects will be the same at they will be at 20...waiting will just lengthen the withdrawals..Methadone has a long " shelf " life in the body..thus a longer withdrawal.

Now, do not quote me on any of this...This is his plan..his research.He is getting a few things to help him thro this while he still remains working, ativan & clonidine. Scares the hell out of me...and I am not jumping. I do have to give him credit for getting a "plan",researching it...It is step toward recovery right ?

In the meantime "I" have packed a parachute in case "I" am the one that has to " Jump"!!!

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