Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Rough Week

Although the Sun was out,the wind was strong and the ocean showed us her angry side with rough sea's.The Seagulls and shorebirds struggled to fly.. The Crabs crashed on the rocks..My Eagle had no problem tho..he soared each morning like the majestic creature he is...diving into the large white capped waves for breakfast..Even my little hummingbird managed to humm along for his mornings of sugar water treats...he never faltered..the feeder was almost turning upside in the wind and he just adjusted himself..and drank on..Then yesterday the water was calm..all was back to normal..It was then I caught sight of a head bobbing in the calm ocean...then another...The seals returned...brought a smile to face.

My Son's week was rough also..He is now tapered down to 15( he decided not to "Jump") on his methadone...Very rough withdrawals..He called the first day of our cottage time,wanting, of course, me to call the Dr.and ask him for some meds to help with the symptoms of withdrawal.I refused..Not because my heart didn't want to, but because my head said no!!My words of advice have the an honest with him...see what happens.This is your responsibilty.

A few days later he called back..he is giving him some meds to help...He also reached out to the addiction treatment center for some counseling ( OMFG)... So far he is faring much like the eagle &  my wee hummingbird..he is weathering the storm.

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