Friday, August 9, 2013

Locked & Loaded

Another week at the Cottage coming up. This time with Hubby...It is always a welcome respite. My son will not be able pop in as easily..a I am praying for sun & warmth!

It has been a week of ups & downs But I made it thro.It will the first anniversary of my sweet dad's passing on Sunday,hard to believe,he is so missed! No word yet on my 3 month cancer check-up..positive thinking tho that it will be clean!! 

I am blessed in so many ways..and have so much to look forward too..gotta keep your eye and mind on the positives and avoid the pity-parties( I do allow myself one every now and again ;)...That's what gets you thro those difficult days.

Next month I am awaiting the arrival of my new Puppy...I am so excited!!
October I am leaving on a jet plane to spend time with my grandchildren while their parents get some much deserved alone time for 10 glorious days of vacation in California...We will have a ball!!

I have 6 books packed to read...a few trashy on addiction...and a few self-help...Maybe I should pack a few extra trashy one's!! Got my I-pod packed..Bob Seger take me away!! and some Godiva chocolates!!

I will not let anything spoil this week...
I am strong..I am woman..hear me Roaaaaaaaaaaar!!

May The Beach Be With You..xo 


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