Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Another Day..Another Dollar

 It happens routinely in our lives,what starts out as a good day...can turn on a dime.
This was my day yesterday.The panic & fear within my son are setting in big time !
And possibly, some not so good behaviors are returning, perhaps a premonition of what is too come..I hope not..God I hope not!!

He arrived after work and one look at him I knew...This was going to be a battle.
In a short 15 minutes he rambled on & on...covering at the least 10 different topics...all negatives.
He wasn't going to be able to do this..he needed his methadone increased...withdrawals & working was too much!
Work was sucking..Tired of watching others who did not have the seniority ,get full time jobs over him !
They had no money for groceries..neither he ,or his girlfriend got full checks yet, as they keep 1 week back. Bills were backed up,After they were paid,They were broke,Are broke.
She spent 150.00 on a hair cut.
He has no credit.
Work would be over in Dec. and then what???
His life sucked
He may have to move home! ( nope).
Could we lend them 100.00 to help with the shortfall for rent ( nope).
50.00 for groceries ( nope).
40.00 for gas ( nope).
What's for supper ? Can I take some with me ( yep)
Can you lend me 5.00 for lunch Tomorrow ? ( nope)
 It was at this point I began to sing my" Bubble Guppy" song.( cartoon show on TV)
" Line up everybody..Line up"
Outside everybody..Outside" ( my grandaughter's fav )
My son's cue to leave, before I lose it.
He left.
I went for a nap.Might as well stayed up, because all I thought about was how can I help him...I can't..He needs to fly on his own,work on his own demons...figure it out himself. Just when I thought he was making progress...hopefully things will be better today...hopefully yesterday was just a bad day...hopefully...

Latest: Just got off the phone with you know who..ummm it's 7:00!!
Brainstorm...They are having a yard sale to raise money to pay for their shortfalls...I have to give them credit for at least thinking of options!! Bad news..Always a downside..It's going to be at....Yep...MY HOUSE!!! More traffic..In Town..More people=More money...Oh I can't wait till hubby arises and hears this!! 

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