Tuesday, August 20, 2013


To say I was shocked would be putting it mildly,however this morning It was a good kinda shock!!
In he walked ,as he does every morning before work,"Morning Mamma". I looked up and he was smiling..With his infectious grin,that I have not seen in many... many months,Spreading across his face like the Cheshire Cat. I was so taken by his grin I did not notice he had something in his hand...He waved it in front of me then I noticed...I waited for the words.."Mamma,Here's the money for my work boots you lent me..I told you I would pay you back." ( this is where you pick me up off the floor).Yes I grabbed it quickly...Stuffed it in my pocket and said thanks!!! Off he went to work...I asked my hubby to run to the window and see if he was coming back..if he was really gone..was he coming back in...I then held it up to the window...was it real???

In the grand scheme of things this would be small potatoes to most people..It was a Biggie to me!!!
The amount was not important... although it was actually the amount I paid for the boots.It was a step in the right direction in his recovery,another step.

It is still early in the day..and as POA's (another new word I learned on my Journey) know only to well,Alot could still happen in this day, It is a Great start tho!!

Those Damn boots, that caused so much stress between hubby and I,proved to be a good investment!!
Did I grin at hubby??
Ohhhh you bet I did ;)

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