Sunday, September 1, 2013

Meet & Greet

  Although the yard sale was a bust...I met alot of nice people !
One in Particular made my week!!
  When my boys were small they were notorious for dragging home stray animals..As they grew and entered elementary school..It started off bringing extra sandwiches to school for the kids who they noticed had nothing to eat.Then my oldest son figured out thro geometry how to fashion a cup out of paper...and packets of kool-aid were added.Clothes were given away,I was requested to knit hats and mitts.Then they graduated to bringing home the kids themselves!!
  I was and am always proud of my sons for seeing this need and stepping up to plate to help out.One in particular stole my heart,his home life really got to me and I was always relieved to see his little face walk in my door.Sometimes he would land at our house late at night because his mom wasn't home and he was scared...or mom had a boyfriend over..and he was scared.I always knew he was safe if he was with us and obviously he did too.Eventually his mom moved out of the area,he changed schools and I never heard or saw this little boy again.
  While fighting off the crowds at the yard sale I decided to go for groceries. As I walked past one of the tables I heard my name being called " Mamma P ".I turned and looked and did not recognize the caller..nor his wife..or 3 kids. He obviously read this on my face and introduced himself.It was him,the boy who disappeared!! Needless to say it made my day.He is now an electrician,his wife a nurse and the proud papa of 3 wee ones.As he went down memory lane with his wife, telling her all the time he spent at this house, I noticed someone else had disappeared. I learned his mamma was a drug addict..Explains his situation at the time.Although coming from a rough upbringing he rose above it and is doing well...very well!! He also told me he ran into my son a few months ago,not in good shape...and offered to help him,he refused.I now knew why the disappearing act.He gave me his number...he is also a member of NA and offered to be my son's sponsor if he made that step to recovery...This was a good kinda Karma :)

P.S..Dr.Spock did not sell..He is now in the garbage!!


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