Tuesday, February 18, 2014

You Don't do That Here ??

Well my son asked for the Peak & Trough test ?
Answer: Sorry we don't do that here???
Hmmm they don't do a simple blood test to determine the rate the methadone is absorbed..how long it lasts..which determines whether the addict is actually telling the truth and is struggling...or is lying and just wants a higher dose to get a buzz. I would think instead of accusing they are seeking the later,( A Buzz)...they would want to offer the best course of treatment which suits each individual.After all each person is different..thus course of treatment must be different..One size does not fit all.

I have found the only way to get anything in regards to treatment you must fight for it..

So, he is making an appointment to have it done with a GP..Good for him !! Another step in the right direction.Taking control of his own recovery.At least by having this done it will prove or disprove that his higher metabolism burns off the methadone at a faster rate..thus it is not lasting 12 hours..thus his cravings come screaming back earlier & last for a much longer duration. A split dose would solve this problem the experts tell me.Nothing is easy when it comes to addiction. He is,I am proud to say,battling through it..still in recovery..one day at a time..xo

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