Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Dust Pan

Just a few thoughts & observations on " Clean Sweep" and those that were caught in the dust pan.
  • No youths under 18 were arrested...Maybe the education,treatment for addiction is helping that group..after all there are more services available for the it better than those for the over 24 group,which is grossly inadequate!!
  • 6 were in the 24 & under
  • A whopping 34 were over 24 and covered the 30',40's,50's & yep 60's..Sad!!
  • In fairness this operation was to set-up to get the major dealers,suppliers etc..I am sure..actually positive, that many selling on a daily basis,on a small scale to feed their own addiction were not caught this time..They aren't selling to fill their pockets..Just fill their syringes.
  • Alot of drugs were taken off the street that day..Today I am sure it is replenished & those caught..replaced.
  • I hope this bust opened a few eyes..You cannot for years abuse drugs..go into detox..wait..wait ..wait..for the next phase of your treatment..oh wait..there is no next phase..we have no long term rehab..and expect them to reach any resemblance of recovery!! Many more are reaching "Death" before the reach recovery..and we "ALL" know why!!
  • We have to keeping Talking Openly and Loudly for those with addictions !! 
  • Just my humble opinion of a Mamma whose 26 yr old is battling addiction as the Mental Health & Addiction system  has let him down due to very limited treatment !!
In closing..If one more "Professional" tells me Addiction is a very complex disease( seems to be the buzz word when they can't answer your questions) I am going to Scream..Tell me about it..xo


  1. My brother is an addict.. I find myself reading a lot of these blogs lately. thank you!! I don't know what to do anymore or who to turn to...I am lost as he is....

    1. Sherrie Thank-you for commenting..It is indeed a scarey Journey..If I can help please e-mail me...sometimes it just helps to talk to someone..Hugggs to both you & your brother!!