Thursday, February 13, 2014

I Am MammaP

The last 2 days my blog has exploded in hits ...The power of person shares..and so on..Many I am sure are one hit wonders..that's ok..hopefully they had read one of my posts and seen another side of addiction.

Let me Introduce myself for those visiting for the first time:

I am MammaP..For those that wrote me anonymously asking why I do not have the courage to use my own name..let me explain..I am not hiding..ashamed..It is for protection of my give him some dignity..I am A POA( Parent Of an Addict)..Not A POW ( although at times I feel like one)

I started this blog for my own therapy in  dealing with my son's addiction..I am not a writer..never going to win a Best Blogger Award..But if I can change one persons view on addiction..It will be my Pulitzer!!

If I can help another parent realize they are not alone..My day will be made.

If I can convert one person to believing that addicts are NOT the scum of the earth.. That they have a legit disease...that if left untreated..will lead to death..It is worth it.

If I can help in a small way educate the public that "Good Parents" can have an addict in their Family...They did not raise an addict..a petty criminal..It wasn't our wish when our son was born to have him grow up to have this horrendous Disease..And it wasn't his dream either...I hate Addiction!!! But I don't hate my son..I love him..and he knows it!!

If I can continue to heal myself..become more educated..speak for those in the throes of their disease with compassion and Empathy..I heal a little more..I wish no parent to ever have to go this!!

If I can make one person understand that my son is in the fight of his life..Like your son with Diabetes..Or your daughter battling Asthma. and Maybe yours living with Crohns..The one difference is..Yours is getting treated.. Immediately..Mine doesn't..he is called all kinds of nasty names..he just needs to quit..his parents are to blame..He needs to be locked up..No my friends..HE NEEDS TREATMENT..Not a band aid..Not a revolving door of in & out..Should he have to pay for his crimes he commits when actively using...Of Course he does..Every Parent's vacation from Addiction is when they are in Jail..warm..fed..clean..But if he doesn't get the treatment his needs & deserves..It is all for nothing..Quite simply..He Dies!!

So If my blog gets one person talking about addiction..Standing beside us in fighting for treatment for our children..our brothers..sisters..mothers..speaks out..Then my blog is a success..

Love MammaP xo


  1. MammaP, you are making a difference and YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

    1. I Thank-You from the bottom of healing heart...xo