Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dear Mr. Sheridan

Our Finance Minister would like the public's input regarding where to spend his budget money more efficiently.
Well, Me thinks, Addiction Treatment !! Wouldn't that be a better bang for his buck than the 140,000 they announced yesterday to bring back B.I.N.G.O !!!!

Just imagine the savings alone in corrections..The last figures I could find, it costs $200 per day to house inmates..Our Correctional Center is overflowing with inmates battling addiction..housed in protective custody for mostly petty crimes..would that money not be better spent on more sober living facilities..more detox beds..A Real Treatment Center..??..If they put that 200.00 a day into Addictions..he might have enough left over from the savings on housing in Care..The Judicial system..  to pay for his B.I.N.G.O.

Feel Free to let Mr.Sheridan know where you would like to see the taxpayers money spent at the following link: Under The B..
Budget suggestions 


  1. This makes my blood boil...the sooner the Government realizes addiction is a disease the better...I will be sending my 2 cents worth to Mr. Sheridan!!!!